To my great surprise, throughout the nineties and up to the present time, I have been discovering a whole series of re-issues of our albums. The companies re-issuing our work include Seeformiles,  Eclectic, Esoteric,  Akarma (an Italian company) and even Sanctuary records in the UK. I do not know how they got hold of the masters, but I do know that no effort was ever made to contact any of the band members. Rude ? Dodgy ? That's the Music Biz !


Skin Alley Live

I was contacted via this website about live footage of Skin Alley in action, something we always assumed never existed. It transpires that a festival we played in Norway in 1973, the “Ragnarock” festival, was filmed by a film company. Recently, 2007, the bits of film were found in the Norwegian film archives and it was re-edited, packaged and released by Universal in Norway ! Two tracks from our performance are included in this film. I must admit that it was rather spooky to see ourselves in action nearly forty years ago !


All six musicians who constituted the two manifestations of Skin Alley are still around and making music. It is gratifying to realise that there is still an interest in our creative achievements in those times. There still exists recorded material that was never released including our Trident album produced be Roy Thomas Baker and two film scores. We are hoping to dig these up and perhaps release them to the world, if only to show potential exploiters that we are still around !

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